Obuzmi me!

by Spleen

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The content (complete song form, meanings) of each track were given to my higher being during meditations and has been recorded after the sessions.


released December 13, 2012

All songs written, recorded and produced by Erebus.
Guest vocal on "Samadhi" by Dave Migman



all rights reserved


Spleen Serbia

Spleen is music coming from the most secret and dark part of our soul that cannot be seen with the eyes - our primal nature! Dark ambient, experimental, drone musick is conjuring the occult hidden spheres of myself representing complete freedom when viewed from the highest plane of thought. Spleen is escape from the suffering of this world through aesthetic enjoyment, rejecting my humanity. ... more

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Track Name: Samadhi(feat. Dave Migman)
just to listen to the shimmering trees
no plans in mind
no real need to attempt
to reveal how yesterday
on the dry road i realised
that i am finding my gods
reflecting inner and outer
and that the great mother
is life itself
but here on the construct
follow geological with vegetal
all that is blooming regardless of time
she echoes through timeless
giantess of scale
womb within wombs
skin like the night
blessed with eyes
swollen with worlds
her face is a spiral
vortex of creation
her body is a serpent
curled around her lover
the dog-faced serpent
her other, the god
within and without
both pulsing and turning
give birth to universes
through chaos and order
the masculine, the feminine
in the boat of the sky
as witnessed by the ancients
with gut instinctive clarity
burn through the bridges
clear in the sky

Sweetness cupped in Destiny's mouth
a baklava of crushed pistachios
sodden with honey
dipped into your mouth
she hunts us through various guises
brushes hair gracefully
from the arch of her shoulder
she is a doe
a butterfly, a frog
she is astounding
and ugly
ungovernable, knowable
and still i seek her
despite my failings
(the mating star)
her name is Ishtar
her count is a singing mouth
of animate tongues
our dreams collide together
her previous manifestation
was the morrighan of pained
painful, madness undercover
a sweet veneer
of honey sodden kisses
promises that were the buboes
of her infection.

the thorns are hexadecimal mazes
pried by the hot of the pathfinders
a gentle rain of dung
mixes the thyme
the scent of these hills
deeper than the wound in her side
as she swings above the cross
the mountain tea
has some for your tongue
but driven here deeper
than stratas of quartzite
and crystal
glittering ancient jewels
the breeze that lifts my heart
Track Name: Behold!
Track includes extracts from work of A.Crowley recited on my native language.