Bol bez odjeka

by Spleen

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Spleen's fifth full-length album is, i would say, the most personal and introspective release so far. There are 7 tracks. A 70 - minute journey will take all the listeners straight through Erebus's heart and soul, that are almost completely exposed as the album slowly ends.
Calm and meditative, melancholic and dark, haunting, intense, disturbing, imaginative, with beautiful soundscapes, gloomy and cold vocals.

This is a must for , not only fans of this kind of music, but also the people who sense the true, sincere music coming from the inside and appreciate all the effort made.


released April 6, 2013

Erebus - guitar, bass, keyboards, field recordings, vocals
Guest vocal on "Leviathan" by Dave Migman
All songs written, recorded and produced by Erebus
Lyrics for tracks "Živeti bez sebe" and "Moja je krv moj put do tebe" are taken from Branko Miljkovic poems.
"Leviathan" lyrics written by Dave Migman (thanks friend)

Album is dedicated to the memory of the Serbian poet Branko Miljkovic. RIP



all rights reserved


Spleen Serbia

Spleen is music coming from the most secret and dark part of our soul that cannot be seen with the eyes - our primal nature! Dark ambient, experimental, drone musick is conjuring the occult hidden spheres of myself representing complete freedom when viewed from the highest plane of thought. Spleen is escape from the suffering of this world through aesthetic enjoyment, rejecting my humanity. ... more

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Track Name: Catatonic Delight
I am the flame that burns in every heart of man, and in the core of every star. I am Life, and the giver of Life, yet therefore is the knowledge of me the knowledge of death. I am the Magician and the Exorcist. I am the axle of the wheel, and the cube in the circle. "Come unto me" is a foolish word: for it is I that go. Remember all ye that existence is pure joy; that all the sorrows are but as shadows; they pass & are done;but there is that which remains.
Track Name: Leviathan (feat. Dave Migman)
Time bears its weight upon him, in the gasp between each footfall,
the circle is waiting, like a deadly charm
it will circle

there, below, the ocean; each wave an upturned face eager to receive
the blessing of his impending extinction
some will grasp at his heels, others will trim wedges
from his sole/soul

they are mute witness to this show of shows
and what mighty opponents he has reckoned with:
the book of the law, and the circle of black crows

time pressing down
grinding its heel
slowly, ever so ever so…
in these gathered instants, the point
becomes the line
recedes back to point

you see, everything is now loaded with extreme poignancy,
never were the cobble stones so profound
would that they had been before

the sentence, a sentence, a barrage of words defining the parameters of his world:
to the blinkered walls of his cell, to the sentence, the sentence, hanging over him he shall…

that serpent shall strike
the breath from his throat
constrictor! foul abominator!
He shall feel the press of weight upon his shoulders
as the leviathan grinds him down

The clouds turn their faces
the sparrows turn to stare
the discarded toy is god itself
staring through those missing eyes

footfall on the platform
the knocking at the wood
the mannequins of doom are arranged
in regimentary fashion
their hollow faces of bitter lips
betray each shivering conscience

he will rise now
the serpent coiled
its presence like a black hole
there is no going back

6 am
the serpent strikes
the pressing weight
the leviathan's bite
sinking down
to rise
Track Name: Živeti bez sebe
О нежна магло која ме издвајаш,
ево враћам се чист на своје првобитно место.
Тишино у светој сенци што снове моје вајаш
хоћеш ли примити то тело уклето,
које настањујем последњи и први
заточеник одбегле тајне и своје крви.

Простор који ничим не подсећа на себе,
птицама померан, ветровима сличан,
сам у себи, сам за себе, ничему вичан
вечити почетак ужасан, без потребе.
Track Name: Moja je krv moj put do tebe
Сам у сну своме - ко ће да ме спаси!
Од свега мало пепела у рукама
за буђење ми оста кад угаси
крв моја име што га рекох мукама.
Крв моја има име једног цвета;
да узберем то име у слеђеној крви хоћу
за њу што кроз моје ужасе мирно шета,
кад звери беже зле у наше речи ноћу.
Те звезде - с њима ко и без њих ноћ.
О куло снаге где је плави дан
ствар свака када има лековиту моћ
и кад се рађа смисао умире ми сан
у ваздуху кад се путеви продуже
за мирисе и анђеле да прођу!
Пред капијом сам коју црви глођу
за златно гробље где се сахрањују руже.

Не, више није важно шта ћу рећи.
Већ беше све то некад ко зна кад
у неком сну ил некој чудној речи.
Ја после сна тог не знам куда сад.
Ти, сну мој, моје тамно подне, сен
зар сведок предела нестварних ја
за свет од топле глине умешен!
Куда да одем после овог сна.